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YZ Polysac 極上正雲芝 - FAQ

When can a cancer patient start taking Coriolus Versicolor?

Under normal circumstances, cancer patients can start taking Coriolus versicolor two weeks after the completion of all treatments to strengthen their health. Coriolus versicolor can also be taken before treatments, but is receommended to stop taking it 2 weeks prior to the start of treatments. This is because studies have shown, Coriolus versicolor, green tea extract and other medicinal mushroom supplements may affect and/or reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy / radiotherapy.

一般情況下,癌症病人可以在完成所有療程的兩個星期後開始服用雲芝,以達固本培原及保健之效果。癌症病人在療程開始前亦可服用雲芝但最好於療程開始前兩星期前停止服用。這是因為有研究指出,雲芝、綠茶素及含其他藥用菇菌類的補充品有可能影響及/ 或降低化療/ 放射治療的功效。

How long should cancer patients be taking Coriolus Versicolor?

Under normal circumstances, cancer patients can start taking Coriolus versicolor two weeks after the completion of all treatments. Since every YZ Polysac capsule contains over 60% polysaccharides, a strong antioxidant, with concentration and quality far greater than other similar medicinal mushroom supplement products in the market, the patient will only need to take 4 capsules everyday the following year after the treatment, and 2 capsules everyday thereafter for maintaining good health.

一般癌症病人可以在完成所有療程的兩個星期後一直服用雲芝。 由於每粒YZ Polysac極上正雲芝含超過60%珍貴雲芝精華多醣體抗氧成份,遠超過其他牌子的同類型產品之含量及品質,病人只須在完成療程後第一年每天服四粒,然後每天服兩粒以作保健用途。

When taking YZ Polysac, does the patient need to take any additional health supplements?
     請問在服用YZ Polysac 極上正雲芝的同時,病人需要服用其他保健品嗎?

YZPolysac provides the patient with the richest and efficient source of polysaccharides, which is also a strong antioxidant. Therefore, the patient does not need to take other medicinal mushroom or antioxidant supplements.


Besides cancer patients, can the average person take YZ Polysac?
     請問除了癌症病人外,一般沒有病痛的人可以服用YZ Polysac 極上正雲芝嗎?

The answers is yes. The medical field in recent years have recognized and became concerned about a phenomenon called the "sub-healthy". Many people belong to this "sub-healthy" group, eating packaged processed foods, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, smoking, pollution and other factors which lead to the imbalance of the body's immune system, are likely to suffer from cold, flu and oral mucosa. However, since this "sub-healthy" group does not suffer from serious illnesses, these people tend to ignore the importance of maintaing a good health. The average person can take 4 YZ Polysac capsules a week (1 capsule every other day) for maintaining good health.

答案是可以的。近年醫學界提出及關注一種名叫 “亞健康”的現象。 很多都市人都屬於 “亞健康”一族,意思是很多都市人因為經常進食包裝精煉食 物、睡眠不足、缺乏運動、吸煙及環境污染等因素影響而導致身體免疫系統失調,容易患有傷風、流感及口腔黏膜潰瘍的情況。 由於“亞健康”一族 並沒有患上嚴重的疾病,因此很多都市人都較容易忽略及時保健的重要性。 一般人可以每星期服用四粒 YZ Polysac 極上正雲芝 (隔天服用一粒)以作保健用途。

(5) What people should consider before taking YZPolysac?


(a) Children, pregnant woman, and breat-feeding mothers, should consult their doctor before taking YZPolysac as a health supplement.


(b) Coriolus versicolr can improve the immune function of the human body. Many of the immune system disorder illnesses, such as leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma patients would take prescription immune system suppressant drugs such as steroids. Patients with these type of illnesses should consult a registered Chinese herbalist and cancer specialist before taking YZPolysac, to avoid drug interactions.


(c) Coriolus versicolor belongs to the class of high medicinal value of mushrooms. People suffering from asthma and/or allergies, should first perform a skin test to determine the body's reaction to medicinal mushrooms.


(d) The majority of mushroom-like plants contain spores for reproduction. The spores have high levels of purine. Purine is an organic compound commonly found in protein-rich food. Patients with uric acid / gout related illnesses can not or can not completely break down purine in foods, which lead to the formation of uric acid crystals, and causing severe joint pain. Therefore, these patients should not take supplements containing medicinal mushrooms.

大部份菇菌類植物都含有胞子,用以繁殖。 胞子擁有高含量的嘌呤 (Purines)。 嘌呤是一種有機化合物,常見於含豐富蛋白質的食物中。患有尿酸/痛風症的病人因身體不能或不能完全分解食物中的嘌呤而導致尿酸結晶之形成,引起關節嚴重疼痛,所以不適宜服用含菇菌類的補充品。